The PMH Survivorship Program

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Program is a part of PMH's ongoing commitment to excellent patient-centered care for patients and their families. Survivorship is about living, surviving and having the best quality of life possible. The Breast Cancer Survivorship Program will provide a warm, and welcoming environment for breast cancer survivors and your family members and friends. You will find support, meet other survivors, share valuable life stories and treatment experiences, and gain information that will help you throughout your cancer journey.

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Program knows that understanding who you are and what is important to you is a central part of your cancer treatment. Cancer is a life altering experience. It is important that patients have a sense of Courage, Confidence and Control to assist them in Knowing, Navigating and Negotiating their journey with through and beyond Cancer. The program is built on three core values that reflect this:

Empowerment through Education

There are no two cancers the same, and the experience of every cancer survivor is unique. The program will help you get the skills and knowledge you will need to best live with cancer and learn how to navigate the health care system to find the resources and supports you need, how to work with your health care team and how to get back on track after your treatment ends.

Enhancing Clinical Assessment and Support

Get information about treatment and care to help you manage the symptoms and side effects cancer treatment can cause. The Lymphedema Clinic and the Mobility and Function, Fatigue and Neurocognitive Clinics are available to help manage side effects you may be living with as a result of treatment.

Enabling Community Connections

There are many options for support that will help you live and cope better with breast cancer. You don’t have to do it alone. To make it easier for you to make choices about support we have partnered with community cancer organizations including Gilda’s Club, Wellspring, Willow and Mount Sinai Hospital’s Marvel Koffler Breast Centre who offer support and education to breast cancer patients. You are able to access programs from any of our community partners. You will find this information in the Breast Cancer Survivorship Calendar, updated monthly on this site. The calendar will tell you about breast cancer programs and events across the Greater Toronto Area. If you need assistance finding support in your home community please contact us at Survivorship@uhn.on.ca or 416-946-4501 ext. 2363 and we will help you.

Breast Cancer Survivorship Centre

The Centre is a fun place where you can meet the Survivorship staff and peer volunteers. Here you can learn about the programs being offered, ask questions, enroll for the classes and pick up your Breast Cancer Survivorship Calendar. Presently you can reach us at our location on the 2nd floor, by email at survivorship@uhn.on.ca or by telephone at 416-946-4501 ext. 2363.

Breast Cancer Survivorship Calendar

Your needs for information and support may change as you go through treatment. The Breast Cancer Survivorship Calendar provides “one stop shopping” for all breast cancer related supports available at Princess Margaret Hospital and in the community through Mount Sinai Hospital, Gilda’s Club, Wellspring and Willow. You can click on the right hand side of this page to see our Calendar or come in for a Survivorship consultation.